Team ZEROGRAM is a specialist in each field who practices environmental ethics for sustainable outdoor and tests ZEROGRAM products in various outdoor activities. ZEROGRAM supports authentic outdoor activities and adventures and shares their experiences with you.

Yoo Hakjae
Alpinist/Technical supervisor

Korea's representative all-weather alpinist, who has traveled throughout the world, including the Alps, Alaska, Yosemite, and the Himalayas. He joined Trango Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of climbing equipment, and led the renaissance of the domestic climbing world by developing equipment such as pickel,  ice tool, eisen, harness, helmet, and carabiner with Mr. Hong Sungam. He is also a technical advisor to ZEROGRAM.

I am willing to accept the pleasure of admiring the unknown world and dealing with all the hardships I have. In addition, the place where I go is not mine and does not harm it.

Kang Ho
Whiter Water Kayaker

"Life is Kayak!"

He is Korea's leading white water kayaker and runs Jirisan Kayak School to popularize kayaks in Korea.

Himalayas, Chile, Kayak Expedition

Adventure is my driving force. I took kayaking for the adventure and now kayaking is my life.

Yang Heejong(Trail Name: Spontaneous)
Long-distance Hiker/Triple Crowner

After finishing the 2015 PCT, he finished the CDT in 2016 and AT in 2017 to achieve the triple crown, a long-range hiker's romance. In 2016, he published Korea's first book about the PCT,  'Walking the PCT for 175 days',  and in 2018, he thru-hiked the PCT again.

2015 PCT Thru-hiking

2016 CDT PCT Thru-hiking

2017 AT PCT Thru-hiking

2018 PCT PCT Thru-hiking

Hwang Jaehong(Trail Name: GALLANT)
Long-distance Hiker/Triple Crowner

The trail name 'GALLANT' is as brave and cool as his trail name.  2016 PCT, 2018 CDT and in September 2019 AT, he became a triple crowner.

2016 PCT Thru-hiking

2018 CDT Thru-hiking

2019 AT Thru-hiking

Plans after 2020: PNT(Pacific Northwest Trail) and CYCLING ALASKA TO PATAGONIA

Roger Allan Shepherd

Mountain guide/Photographer

Roger Shepard is a New Zealander. He has published the Baekdudaegan guidebook in English since he sought Baekdudaegan in 2007. He has been exploring Baekdudaegan in North Korea since 2011 and has been working as a photographer and mountain guide.

2007 Baekdudaegan in South Korea

2010 Published English version of Baekdudaegan guidebook

2011 ~ 2019 Exploration of Baekdudaegan in North Korea

Published photo essay for North Korean Baekdudaegan 2018

Eric Sorensen (Trail Name: Tank)

Hiker/Trail Angel

Trail Naim Tank is an American living in Olympia near Seattle. He enjoyed hiking and was a 2015 PCT section hiker. He is currently a trail angel.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

2015 PCT Section hiking 

Since 2016 Trail angel

2017~ Team ZEROGRAM

Future Team ZEROGRAM






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