ZEROGRAM’s ideas begin from the thoughts of outdoor enthusiasts, trying to develop lightweight and innovative equipment. Developing light, but also protective equipment for outdoor workplaces is the most active eco-friendly play as a product innovator. It is possible to enjoy the nature deeply and widely with a light backpack. People should borrow minimal space from nature, and this is a prerequisite when they move to the place. ZEROGRAM provides an innovative solution to live in harmony with nature.

On the trail
Though it is lonely to walk the way no one has walked, it is worth it. We think it is more valuable to challenge uncertainty than to use trip package. We focus on having a minimum impact on the nature instead of just enjoying all the benefits from the nature. The notion is connected by our philosophy that production functions at its best with minimal resources. We espouse the philosophy of lightness, which is not simply connected to the mass but also connected to the notion of thinking and treating the nature. We will have the way continuously. 
Respectable pioneers

There are pioneers who have had a significant impact on our spirit. John Muir was a naturalist in the United States. His activism helped to preserve the Yosemite Valley, the Sierra Nevada mountains and etc.. He teaches us how to treat our nature. He said “When mountains speak wise men listen.” We will never forget his guiding principles. We also espouse Mummerism and alpinism. The pioneers who lived in the 19th century dreamed of climbing in the 21st century. The spirit they taught us lives on today.


What does the brand logo mean?

Logo & Symbol

Our logo is the most visible element of our identity. It clearly shows our philosophy and values. The logo is made up of two elements: the symbol and the logotype. The symbol symbolizes the shelter of Central Asian nomads which is called ‘Ger’.


The logotype, ‘ZEROGRAM’ represents our developer’s thought. In theory, there is no material that weighs zero. Nevertheless, we dream of developing weightless equipment. There are pioneers who have had a significant impact on our spirit.

Tag Line

Tag line at the bottom of the logo “GO LIGHT GET MORE” has presented a development-oriented direction to the ZEROGRAM.




Security system for personal information protection

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