Whitney “Allgood” LaRuffa
Long Distance Hiker/United States
Whitney “Allgood” LaRuffa grew up in rural NH where he forged his love of the outdoors and activities such as fishing, skiing, and his true love backpacking. His time spent in Boy Scouts helped him hone is outdoor skills as he worked his way to becoming and Eagle Scout and fueled his passion for long distance hiking.


Whitney “Allgood” LaRuffa grew up in rural NH where he forged his love of the outdoors and activities such as fishing, skiing, and his true love backpacking.  His time spent in Boy Scouts helped him hone is outdoor skills as he worked his way to becoming and Eagle Scout and fueled his passion for long distance hiking.
Whitney has hiked over 6,000 miles with his K-9 companions over the years.  After finding a dog on the Appalachian Trail in 1996 his life was forever changed.  Whitney and his first dog Erwin (named for the trail town Erwin, TN) worked on the Appalachian Trail in the 1990’s as Ridge Runners after their thru-hike, where they provided education and support to a variety of trail users.  Whitney has hiked many long trails in the US but is most proud of his 20014 pioneering first thru-hike of the Chinook Trail, a 293 mile route through the Columbia River Gorge in WA&OR.
After many years on the trail, Whitney is a sought after speaker, teaching people about responsible backcountry use with their dog through his business Allgood’s K-9 Adventures.  Whitney is also the President of The American Long Distance Hiking Association-West (ALDHA-West).  When not helping others learn about hiking, you find Whitney walking the trails around the US in need of a shower, a cold beer, and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Eric “Tank” Sorensen
Long Distance Hiker/United States
“My trail name it ‘Tank’ was given this on the Pacific Crest Trail last year. I hiked with Warrior Hike and drew pictures of tanks in the trail registers. This year I’m starting the year with a 800 mile hike on the Arizona Trail with a good friend of mine from the PCT (wildman) follow our journey along the Arizona Trail”


I was born in West Plam Beach, FL. Traveled around Europe with my family, spent 8 years in Germany with the US Army. Worked the East German Border with the 2ND ACR out of Neurnberg. M1A1 test project at Ft Knox, KY, Tank Commander/PLT SGT first Gulf War. (Bronze Star ). Got out of the Army and worked for Washington State Department of Corrections, Assigned to the IMU (Intensive Management Unit ) better known as the HOLE for 4 years, also worked Towers, all units, YOP’s, Female intake unit, Minor Control, Major Control, Chain Bus, ERT team. Worked at Washington Correction Center ( WCC ) and Clallam Bay Correction Center ( CBCC ). Sold Cars for awhile, now I work for the VA as a VSR with the VSC team Auburn WA. Love to get outside and do anything….. I enjoy Hiking, Sailing, Canoeing, Sking…I have a cat, Lexi that loves to do all the above… use to drag race during the summer, racing in 6th div NHRA. would like to get my 7 sec licence someday. Update…. Going to be a Grandfather..going to teach my granddaughter to race Jr. dragsters when she turns 7… …Spent April thru Oct hiking the PCT, completed about.1200 plus miles so for, and doing trail magic. Hiked with warrior hike, great organization for the vets. This year (2016) starting my summer off with a hike thru Arizona on the Arizona Trail (800) miles.

-. `2015 hiked 900 plus miles on the PCT
-. `2013 Rebuild a 1926 sailboat and sailed.
-. `1993~`2012 hiked over 300 hikes in the Olympic Mountain
-. `1976~`1992 Worked the East German boarder doing the Cold War did boarder ops, instructor at the Armor school, deployed to the first gulf war as a platoon Sgt /tank commander.  Received the Bronx star for valor.  Worked 10 years with WA state prison system on their SWAT team.  Then 3.5 years with the Veterans Affairs processing claims for the veterans.

Kim “Thunder-Bunny” Siedlaczek
Long Distance Hiker/United States
2015 PCT Hiker2016 CDT attempt“I love all the adventure this world has to offer and the people I get to meet along the way! So little time, so many adventures to be had!”


-. `2016 Continental Divide Trail attempt
-. `2015 Completed first thru-hike; Pacific Crest Trail
-. `2014 Summited Mount Fuji
-. `2014 Summited Mount Rainer
-. `2014 Completed Colorado 14’ers
-. `2012~`2013 Mountain Guide in BC, Canada

Klas Ngamsomsuk
Backpacker,Photographer/Hong Kong
As a outdoor photographer of, I share the beauty of nature through my photos. Reaching the top of Hong Kong mountains, capturing new angle of scenery. Find a good place to spend the night in the wild. I love and enjoy every moment with the Mother Nature.


 -. Featured outdoor photos in outdoor magazines and newspapers
-. Trekking in Yakushima island, Yunnan and Tibet
-. Camping and photographing mountains in Hong Kong 

Roger Allan Shepherd
Backpacker, Photographer, Writer/ New Zealand
A 51-year old New Zealander who trekked the Baekdu Daegan in 2006 and 2007. In December 2010 he moved to South Korea and started his outdoor guiding company HIKEKOREA, which specializes in guiding foreign hikers all over Korea, book publications, photography exhibitions, and North and South Korea cultural exchange using the Baekdu Daegan as its theme. Previously, he has a work background in the New Zealand Police, has worked in Africa as a Wildlife Ranger and Safari Guide, and has an MA in Strategic Studies from Victoria University, New Zealand.


Work and adventure history in Korea
2007: Thru hiked 백두대간.
2009: Thru hiked 낙남, 호남, 금남 and 금북정맥.

2010: Moved to South Korea permanantly and started HIKEKOREA. Published the English Baekdu Daegan Trail Guide Book.
2011: In October, went to North Korea and hiked mountains of the 백두대간 in 강원도 and 평안남도.
2012: In July & August, went to North Korea and hiked mountains of the 백두대간 in 양강도 and 함경남도.
2013: Published the Mountains of the Baekdu Daegan Photo Art Book from North and South Korea. Escorted a New Zealand motorbike team through North and South Korea. Featured in MBC TV’s documentary 최초공개 북한이 백두대간.
2015: Published the Liberation Day of Mountains of the Baekdu Daegan from North and South Korea. Held photo exhibitions in Pyongyang and Seoul.
2017: Returning to North Korea in May and August/September for more work on mountains of the Baekdu Daegan. He will capturing mountain images in digiatal, film, and 3D format. He plans to hold 3D exhibiitons in Seoul and Pyongyang later this year. A one-hour documentary of his visit to North Korea will be produced in 2018. Republishing the Englsih Baekdu Daegan Guidebook. Public Ambassador for Oxfam Korea’s 100km trailwalker charity event.
• Featured in numerous newspaper articles and TV interviews in Korea, and from around the world.
• Photo Exhibitions in New Zealand, South Korea, North Korea, and Japan.
• Successful Daum Story Funding series in 2015, and 2016.

Brien Bower
Thru-hiker, Climber
I am always looking to expand my horizons by combining passions and skill sets. I am currently working on rock climbingand love combining that with my experience in glacial travel and ultra long distance hiking to be able to climb remotepeaks all over the world with long approaches. I am very happy to be hiking the PCT again in 2017 with my best friendwhile we both stay in shape for future climbing projects by also researching a bouldering guide for the PCT.


Free Soloed and hiked the Ptarmigan Traverse in Northern Washington
Hiked the Pacific Crest Trail
5 day solo trip in Gothic Basin climbing 6 peaks
Attempted a winter climb of Dome Peak.
Climbed Gunn Peak by a new route and spent 5 different trips mapping a researching the incredibly beautiful north fork of the Tolt River.