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Management Support

  • Areas of work include finance, accounting, human resources, legal affairs, and general affairs and require a meticulous and systematic work style.
  • Basic skills required are Excel document writing skills and ERP accounting tasks. The analysis and countermeasures include general accounting, HR management, and government policy support such as fund management, budget management, and financial statements.
  • The management support team plays an important role in creating the overall operating rules and system in the company. Zerogram is not afraid of change and moves towards innovation. The management support team is at the forefront.
  • The relevant diploma or certificate is not required. We value your experience and intuition in the field. The management support team, which will play the most important role for the future of zero-grams with big dreams, is waiting for talented people who can fulfill their dreams together.

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Product Development

  • Responsible for developing creative products of ZEROGRAM. The field of development is outdoor equipment, clothing, etc., and you should be interested in trying out various products and making improvements.
  • The basic skills required should be able to handle tools like AutoCAD, Rhino 3D, Illustrator, etc. but this is not required. If you have creativity and passion for product development, you can learn basic skills through training after joining.
  • Product development teams need creativity and persistence above all. Many of the world's goods don't meet the last 2% of their maturity and are just coming out of the market. ZEROGRAM do their best to fill their last 2%.
  • Rather than following the market, we wait for geeks with flashy insights to create new markets.

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Sales Management

  • We manage the sales of ZEROGRAM products. Sales are the heart of the business. ZEROGRAM is a company that does business differently from others.
  • ZEROGRAM's sales management team doesn't just sell, it needs the ability to analyze trends and insights to build new trends.
  • Revenue management to analyze sales target strategy and performance, and sales planning to analyze product information from customers, competitors, and markets, and SM / SC to analyze and manage sales of direct and retail stores. This is the main task.
  • Brand clothing sales management and overseas sales management experience is very helpful, and English and Chinese conversation skills are important assets of sales management team. In order to understand global trends, there are opportunities to visit overseas fairs.

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Brand Strategy Planning

  • It conveys the concise but clear brand story of ZEROGRAM. You need excellent storytelling skills and abundant humanities.
  • You need the ability to quickly and accurately analyze things and phenomena. In addition, the ability to write is important because it plans and operates various cultural and social contribution programs organized by ZEROGRAM and is responsible for producing contents to deliver the results.
  • The ability to understand global trends and experiences in outdoor activities such as long-distance hiking, trail running and climbing are important assets.
  • Best of all, we don't imitate anyone else, and the desire to create a brand that's cooler than other brands awaits a person full of heart.

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Design Team

  • ZEROGRAM clothing design, web design, packaging design, and video production are the main tasks. But you don't get stuck in your routine and you need your imagination to visualize your brand.
  • Basic skills include 2D tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator, 3D tools such as Rhino 3D and AutoCAD, and video tools such as Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Da Vinci Resolve.
  • ZEROGRAM simply understands Photoshop and Illustrator, and doesn't want designers to code HTML and JavaScript. This is because basic skills can be learned as much as possible through post-employment training.
  • The ability to go through design thinking in daily work is the designer's ability. The ability to interpret and visualize things anew is the designer's vision of the future.

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Address: 38, Donggyo-ro 25-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (03993) | Tel: 1644-7805 | Fax: 02-6927-9153 | Email: zerogram@zerogram.co.kr

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